Monday, October 3, 2011

Day #3 - A picture of you and your friends

{Day 03 A picture of you and your friends} I have a lot of wonderful people in my life, and what? Well the challenge was to put up a picture of me and my friends...well here ya go! These are only a few pics that I had at my fingertips....

Each of these photos have pics of people in my life that I hold dear to my heart! I treasure all of the relationships that I do have. Disclaimer...don't go hard on me if you don't see a pic of yourself...know that you are loved and I just simply couldn't find one. I know this post is out of control long, but so what...its my

I am SO blessed to have many friendships!!! Thank you to all my friends who are in my life! Love yall....

Cousins Tyee & Mo

Me & my girl from Pre-K...Miss Rasheedah...luv ya girl!

At a Laker game, me and Bonqui-qui (we make up names) AKA Tracie, anutha sista from anutha mista..great inspiration to me...always there for me when I need to talk!

This is one crazy and Albert!

My wonderful coworkers on a bowling night...Milly, Jose G and Yours Truly!

Another pic of me and coworkers! Christine, Laurie, Erika, Azeb and Aisha

Sistas Maronda, Rochelle & Alondra celebrating my 33rd bday gettin our groove on!

3's a Charm! Milly, myself and Zeb share July bdays...hollerrr!

My SANDZ!!!! Summer 03! Nicole, Rasheedah, Gabe, Grace and myself...Z-Phiiii!!!

Luv this chic! My Sandz Gabe!

Luv her too! My Zebs!

Girls night out at the Improv...Miss Rochelle, Miss Azeb and Miss Alondra!

Me and Sheedah

At a crop gettin our scrap on...Miss Janice & Alondra

My Sandz, Summer 03....Z-PhiiiI!! (Rasheedah, Tiffany & Keshawna)

Hangin out at Bostons, Suzette, Azeb, Janice & Rasheedah..

My WhoGivesaScrap girls! Janice, Audrey, Kierstin, Wendy, Cynthia, Robin, Billie, Charlie, Marjorie, Marie & Melissa....enjoying ourselves at one of our retreats!

One of the best days of my life! Spent with Rochelle, Alondra, Azeb, Chrystal & Milly..yeah we all had Coach purchases...ALL OF US! =)

Alondra & Azeb...we got in trouble together in the Coach store.. =)

Recap of previous challenges...


  1. Ok. I am going hard on you the next time I see you! Lol

  2. you have soooooo many friends you lucky girl you!!! LOL


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