Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day #4 - A habit that you wish you didn't have

{Day 04 A habit that you wish you didn't have}

This wasn't too hard to answer....
Okay...confession time I guess. Okay, well I have a horrible habit of patting my head to itch my scalp...ok, ok, BEAT my head. Only those that do it, will be able to relate. It is almost equivalent to a vigorous scalp scrub at the shop...feels SOOOO good!!!

I can recall a scrapbook retreat I was at and I tried to do this very softly, as softly as possible and my other sistahs who didn't have weaves thought they were gonna have to call 9-1-1!
They started busting up and just didn't quite know what to think..., talkin about, "Trish are you ok!?"

I am trying to not do it as much because Bre seems to think she has to do it now...and I think she does it to copy me instead of a necessity...lol.

So there you have it...I beat my scalp....

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